Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission—God’s mission.
— Christopher Wright

It is because the mission of God exists that the church exists. As followers of Jesus, we play a huge role in His mission. The local church, by design, is God’s strategy for reaching people and making disciples.

The Bible describes the church, God’s people, as fellow citizens with one another and family members. Both involve a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Mission and Focus at  RCC is designed to give those in our church community the opportunity to be equipped for the work of ministry, and fully engage the mission of God together in our community.


We seek to be a grace-centered church that reflects the immediate cultural and economic realities of our communities. 

Our church is located in Community District #2. There are 54,069 people living inside of CD2. Of those people, 76% are Hispanic, 22% are Black, and the remaining 2% are split between Asian, White, and other. We need to take much care in ensuring that we are structured to reflect these realities. 

43% of our neighbors live in poverty. We lead NYC in teen births at 44.9%. If you want to learn more about CD2, click here.