Even As I Have Been Fully Known: Exodus 2:1-22 (March 11)

Moses' introduction to the world was not ideal. He was born into a world of violence and chaos. He ends up being a sort of deliverer of the people. Moses, in many ways, points to the deliverer of all people who, like Moses, was born into a world of violence and chaos. 

Moses was saved from the chaos for a time of preparation. He was raised in Pharaoh's home. He received the best his culture had all the while being prepared for God's plan of liberating a people from bondage. Jesus, unlike Moses, was raised in a common home to common parents. He would soon do many un-common things on his way to liberating all people from a bondage that, if not for his work, would keep us from ever entering into the promised land.

Jesus delivers us from the bondage of sin and leads us through our personal wildernesses and into the promise of eternity in the presence of glory. Will we be awed, if only for a moment, by that today?